[U-Boot-Users] irq problem

venkatesh chilapur chilapurec at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 06:07:51 CET 2007

hi all...
i am working with AT91SAM9261....we have developed our own custom board
based on this atmel microcontroller...we are also working with linux kernel
2.6.19 on the board...my product has got a non standard KBoard.....so i want
figure out a interrupt scheme for the same..

i did one thing...in the bootstrap code, i have enabled the port pin's of
port A.as input with interrupt...
i can read the source of interrupt occurring via kernel....as dedicated
functions are there for the chip..
but my problem is..my handler is there in the user address space...but
interrupt is read by kernel...so i want to write a handler,at the exception
vector address of  IRQ,so that i jump from kernel to user address space and
execute my corresponding handler in the application...how can i change the
handler routine at the exception address...should i write a API for the
same..or are there any special provisions provided in the kernel for the
same...or can i do it U-BOOT

i am in big confusion...need help at the early...i am thinking in right
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