[U-Boot-Users] [Git push][Microblaze]Please pull u-boot-microblaze.git

Michal Simek monstr at seznam.cz
Sun Mar 11 13:24:19 CET 2007

timer support
interrupt controller support
flash support
ethernet support
cache support
board information support
env support
booting image support

adding support for Xilinx ML401 

      commit 76316a318de91f6184e7c22a10e02d275ade2441 

      commit cfc67116a706fd18b8f6a9c11a16753c5626d689 

I add patch to u-boot-microblaze tree.

How to generate this log???
 include/asm-blackfin/cpu/cdefBF532.h                 |  398 ------

Best regards
Michal Simek

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