[U-Boot-Users] how to test ethernet driver

赵 包 zjrbhy at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Mar 11 15:33:12 CET 2007

hello,every one,this is jinrong, i'm new to uboot.I have ported U-Boot 1.1.5 on S3C44B0, it can run on my custom board now.but i don't know whether the ethernet driver can work properly . how i can test ethernet driver? 
   there is two OS on my personal computer,fedora core6 and windows xp,i must mention.
  I want to use command "tftpboot " to load my own program to my S3C44B0 custom board .
  i type this format in hyper terminal running on windows xp:
   tftp 0xc500000 F:/uboot_bin/bin/Armboot.bin
  then,there is an error message displaced,it said:
   TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'F:/uboot_bin/bin/Armboot.bin'.
Load address: 0xc500000
Loading: packet too big!
  i don't know why.help me please!

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