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Fri Mar 16 04:20:53 CET 2007

Hi Wolfgang Denk,

I have a custom board with Processor is Samsung 2412 , Arm926EJ-S. ( My
board has 64MB mobile SDRAM , 32MB Nand Flash. Serial Port, and USB ) no
other devices as of now.

I have received a u-boot source 1.1.4 from Samsung FAE. With added files for
SMDK2412 board. I have compiled and produced a u-boot.bin . And loaded this
file into the NAND flash using JTAG.

On power on i see the u-boot prompt. on minicom. The problem i'm facing now

1. address 0x3000_0000, 0x3100_0000, 0x3200_0000 ,0x3300_0000 pointing to
same memory. a Write in 3000_0000 is duplicated in the other 3 locations

2. I use "loadb" command to transfer a  bin file. but if i try to write the
file to Nand Flash using "nand write" command I get error. and Board hangs.

I have contacted Samsung FAE. but not got any technical support on this
issue till now.


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> > I want to know more about the memory remap of u-boot.
> And your architecture and procxessor type is ...?
> > Also , which files to modify to suit my physical memory map.
> Make sure to read the README.
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