[U-Boot-Users] FW: New port Siemens SMN42 board

Peter Pearse peter.pearse at arm.com
Mon Mar 19 17:16:13 CET 2007


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> Dear Peter,
> in message <000001c76a36$f8282ff0$9a4d010a at Emea.Arm.com> you wrote:
> >  
> > > You can follow progress on
> > > http://www.linux-arm.org/LinuxBootLoader/U-BootGateKeeper
> May I ask why you set up a separate wiki page for that?
AFAIK I cant construct branches on the U-Boot server.
I wanted to make a branch for each patch I was working with, so
users/testers could access them.
I can do that on our wiki server. So I made the tracking table there as

I'll move it to the U-Boot wiki as per your suggestion.


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