[U-Boot-Users] Nand vs Nor flash

harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 05:06:10 CEST 2007

Hi Friends,

I am trying to bring up the development board which has ARM926EJS
processor on it.I am trying to  port u-boot and Linux kernel on FLASH
memory of the board.These are 2 development board from ST
microelectronics.One has NAND Flash while the other has NOR flash

I just flashed kernel.uimg and initrd.gz.uimg to NAND device. I had to
combine both the images in to kerenl.jffs2.

Now i require to Flash another board (with the same kernel.uimg and
initrd.gz.uimg) which has NOR device (Memory).I learned that i need to
flash both the images seperately one by one. ( not as i did with NAND
in which i combine both images into kerenl.jffs2)
I don't understand reason behind this two different flashing
mechanism. Could you please provide me information on this?

Thanks & Regards

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