[U-Boot-Users] switching serial console on or off

Dale Dunlea ddunlea at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 16:18:25 CEST 2007

> > Yes, and it has been implemented before on several boards.
> Well, could you or anybody else elaborate a little bit more to mention
> me one board of these 223 boards, where this is implemented so I can
> look at it?
> Currently I am searching for a switch and wonder, if this has to be
> deep in /board/<type>/*.[c|S] or if this is a command defined in the
> common directory as cmd_xy.c which has only to be used. Or needs to be
> created there so it is possible more boards can use it.

Well, you're trying to change the console, which is common to all
boards, so I'd try looking in /common/console.c.

Then after a quick scan, I'd see "CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE" mentioned.
Then I'd run "grep -r CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE *", or maybe just #define
CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE in the afore mentioned C file.


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