[U-Boot-Users] Running w/o flash

Dave Ellis DGE at sixnetio.com
Wed Mar 28 23:46:09 CEST 2007

Wolfgank Denk wrote: 

> > Here's a patch I developed to allow JFFS2 to work with
> > CFG_NO_FLASH (which really seems to mean CFG_NO_NOR_FLASH).
> CFG_NO_FLASH means no flash memory at all. It is mutually exclusive
> with CFG_CMD_FLASH, although this is not checked anywhere.

I agree that's what it should mean, but then it would also be
mutually exclusive with CFG_CMD_NAND and CONFIG_HAS_DATAFLASH, and
that's not how it is actually used. All the uses I see are to
avoid using things that require CFG_CMD_FLASH.

I'd like to eliminate CFG_NO_FLASH and replace it with 
!(CONFIG_COMMANDS & CFG_CMD_FLASH). Would you accept that?
The only problem configurations are the MPC8xxx configurations.
Many of them are based on MPC8540ADS.h and MPC8560ADS.h, which
define CFG_NO_FLASH when CFG_RAMBOOT is defined, but don't
disable CFG_CMD_FLASH. I would make those like MPC8641HPCN.h,
which does disable CFG_CMD_FLASH.

If you (and the mpc8xxx custodians) agree with this approach
I'll prepare a patch.



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