[U-Boot-Users] Getting Started Porting U-Boot to M5329EVB board

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Wed May 2 18:42:39 CEST 2007


I'm getting started porting U-Boot to the Freescale/LogicPD M5329EVB 
board, based on the ColdFire MCF5329 processor.  As suggested in the 
"U-Boot Porting Guide" in the README file, I've subscribed to this list, 
and I'm admitting I am (currently) clueless - hence this email!

At this point, my only real question is this - has anybody done this 
already?  If so, can/will you share?  Or are you working on a similar 
port, and would you like to share the load?  I'm very open to working 
with others on this, though if there are no takers, I'll go it alone and 
post it all later.

Thanks, and take care,

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