[U-Boot-Users] Latest git not working for MPC8349EMDS

David Hawkins dwh at ovro.caltech.edu
Wed May 2 19:54:34 CEST 2007

> Not quite.  The HRCW at fe000000 must indicate that you want to boot 
> from fe000000 (actually, fe000100).  To do that, configure U-Boot with 
> "make MPC8349ITX_LOWBOOT_config" and flash that u-boot.bin at fe000000.
>> => md fe000000
>> fe000000: 04040404 04040404 04040404 04040404    ................
>> fe000010: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000    ................
>> fe000020: b0b0b0b0 b0b0b0b0 60606060 60606060    ........````````
>> fe000030: a0a0a0a0 a0a0a0a0 00000000 00000000    ................
> Your HRCW is 04040000 b060a000, which means lowboot.  You must have 
> something overriding your HRCW.  How is J22 jumpered?

Thanks Timur,

So yeah, as I didn't recall, for low-boot, the HRCW is part of the
U-Boot image. So I think you need to check your jumpers.

Timur mentioned; make MPC8349ITX_LOWBOOT_config

But I'm not sure that would be correct for an MPC8349EMDS board.
So his comment in J22 may refer to the ITX board, not the MDS.
Check the MDS manual, and you'll figure it out.


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