[U-Boot-Users] problem to load uImage but not zImage (onvirtex-4 board)

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Wed May 2 21:50:46 CEST 2007

Grant is right - kernel command line (defined by u-boot variable
"bootargs") is also very important, though it's difficult to see how
wrong command line can crash printk(). It definitely can prevent serial
output from showing up on console though.


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On 5/2/07, Guillaume Berthelom <guillaume.berthelom at cleode.fr> wrote:
> When I load the zImage directly with xilinx xmd debugger, the kernel
> without problem (if I don't have KGDB or SERIAL_TEXT_DEBUG option in
> kernel config). But when I try to load the uImage with u-boot, the
> start but crach befor I can see something on output.
> The kernel start because I debug it and the platform_init is ok,
> too and it crach after ppc4xx_setup_arch at  printk(KERN_INFO "Xilinx
> Reference System (Virtex-4 FX)\n") line  when the kernel access in
> I use the opb_uart16550 IP in my Xilinx design and the associat
drivers in
> u-boot and linux.

What are you passing for the kernel command line?
Can you post your .config?


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