[U-Boot-Users] Wind River SBC8560 saga continues

Mark Pilant Mark.Pilant at mintera.com
Fri May 4 16:36:00 CEST 2007

Hi Jerry.

> Ok, the good news is that eliminates one of the failure modes.  We 
> eliminate enough of them and the real one will be obvious. ;-)  That was 
> somewhat of a long shot, so it isn't too surprising that it wasn't the 
> fault.


> I'm not familiar with the 85xx processors, I presume they have BAT 
> registers like most 8xxx family.  Is it possible the memory is mapped 
> via a BAT and _that_ is set up wrong (cached and/or doesn't have the "G" 
> bit set)?  BATs override the TLBs.

I just checked, because I wasn't sure, and according to the Reference
Manual, the e500 core (e.g, the 8560) does not implement the BAT registers.

> Does the TLB have the "G" (Guarded) bit set?  That prevents out-of-order 
> loading (probably not an issue, but something to check).

Yes, the guarded bit is set in .../board/sbc8560/init.S.

> How about hitting it with da big hammer: put a sync;isync pair in the 
> loop.  If that makes it better, remove the isync (should not be 
> necessary).  If that still works, try using a eieio instead of the sync 
> (I'm not sure if eieio is useful for the 85xx, on the 603e core, it is a 
> NOP).

I thought I had tried this earlier, but couldn't remember.  So I tried
it again.  No Luck.  (The generated code does the sync/isync before the
register fetch.  If the FLG bit is still set, the sync/isync is done
again and the fetch repeated.)

According to the RM, the e500 replaces eieio with mbar.  Since I had not
tried that one, I just did.  You guessed it... no luck.

I'm probably doing something really stupid; and probably really simple
which is why I haven't spotted *my* problem.

It is also possible the WR SBC8560 we have is broken.  Although I think
that is not a really likely because it runs the VxWorks bootloader fine.

- Mark

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