[U-Boot-Users] Flash Erase/Write error in uboot

Tolunay Orkun listmember at orkun.us
Sat May 5 07:26:57 CEST 2007

Shiju Mathew wrote:
> On 5/3/07, *Tolunay Orkun* <listmember at orkun.us 
> <mailto:listmember at orkun.us>> wrote:

>      > Looks likes some other issue. On our Freescale imx31 ADS  board
>     we have
>      > connected an extension board(RAM like device) to CS1 through the
>     logical
>      > analyser interface. The problem happens when I connect the extension
>      > board(even without powering up the extension board). If I remove the
>      > extension board the flash erase/writes are successfull.
>      >
>      > Thanks,
>      > Shiju
>      >
>     Looks like an hardware/interfacing issue...
> I was debugging the problem further. We have two other bootloaders 
> running on this board - redboot and Eboot. Both does not have this 

Check how CS configuration etc. is correctly configured. If it is 
working with the extension board not installed but not obviously you 
have something wrong. It could be that your CS1 configuration is 
incorrect. Possibilities are endless. But I do not see this as a flash 
driver issue.


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