[U-Boot-Users] platform.s vs startup.s

harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at gmail.com
Mon May 14 21:54:59 CEST 2007

Hi Friends,

I would like to know detail information about uboot operation.

(Please don't suggest me to revert to READ ME it is not in that detail
for novice like me)

I would like to know sequence of uboot operation in terms of code.
 specifically what is a difference between platform.s and startup.s ?

Say for example if i do have one of the board with nmdk8810 which is
 this directory contains one of the file named with platfoem.s

This board uses ARM926EJS core. In /spu/arm926ejs there is a startup.c file

So whats the purpose of each.I think i need to understand what each
and every board specific file does as well as all the files used by
uboot to make my board working.

So i am looking for sequence of operation uboot performs to bring my board up.

Any pointers?

Thanks & Regards

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