[U-Boot-Users] Patch: Add USB OHCI support for MPC8220 - part 1

Liew Tsi Chung-r5aahp Tsi-chung.Liew at freescale.com
Mon May 14 22:45:13 CEST 2007


	Is MPC5xxx using the generic usb driver now? This driver is based on previous MP5xxx usb_ohci driver. If that is the case, you can drop this update until I implement the new generic usb driver.



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Dear TsiChung,

TsiChung Liew <Tsi-Chung.Liew at freescale.com> writes:

> - USB Ohci support

Why are you duplicating a generic driver? Please use the generic OHCI driver that can be found in the USB Custodian repository and check out doc/README.generic_usb_ohci.

> Regards,
> TsiChung Liew
> Signed-off by: TsiChung Liew<Tsi-Chung.Liew at freescale.com>
> diff -rupN u-boot-all.git/cpu/mpc8220/usb_ohci.c u-boot-all-8220- 
> usbh/cpu/mpc8220/usb_ohci.c
> --- u-boot-all.git/cpu/mpc8220/usb_ohci.c	1969-12-31 18:00:00.000000000
> -0600

BTW, it seems your patches have been line wrapped by your mailer.

Best regards

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