[U-Boot-Users] No ethernet functionality.

Bühn, Oliver OBuehn at Raytek.de
Tue May 15 17:50:10 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I'm pretty frustrated and discouraged because my ethernet doesn't work.

I have an at91sam9260ek based board (we tried to copy layout 'n stuff) and after a week trying to get the ethernet connection working I'd like to give up.  :-/

I am here now, i.e. the u-boot hangs here after entering a ping command to reach a host within the same network (ethaddr, ipaddr is set properly; link status is ok; link speed is detected; phy is initialized):

	-> ether.c: eth_send: entering while ...  [my output]

In file ether.c in function eth_send there is that while-loop where the AT91C_EMAC_COMP bit is tested in register EMAC_TSR (transm. status register). This bit is never set, that's why the while-loop loops eternaly.

The simple question is: Why?

Any hints that might lead to the answer?


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