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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed May 16 22:01:30 CEST 2007

In message <406A31B117F2734987636D6CCC93EE3C017BA168 at ehost011-3.exch011.intermedia.net> you wrote:
> There is actually an approach in place, virtually converting single
> u-boot command into root of command tree. See for example how "nand"
> command (or shall I say "nand" tree?) is implemented. Wolfgang, do you
> approve this way of doing or it had sneaked into u-boot "illegally"?

It is perfectly OK where logical groups of commands exist  where  one
command makes no sense without the other(s).

> 1) Strictly hierarchical "CISCO-like" CLI instead of "flat" u-boot
> scheme. There are several existing implementations of such CLI which can
> be used.

The CLI is not a problem here. We are talking about how to enable
certain features or feature sets, or disable them.

> 2) Further advance of "bash"-like shell (hush is used in u-boot right

Again, this has nothing to do with the current topic (although it is a
perfectly legal qustion in itself).

> now). Existing shell lacks many features one is used to see in
> Linux/Unix shells. It's highly questionable though whether it makes
> sense to add u-boot specific commands in there, making u-boot shell
> scripts incompatible with Linux ones. 

You are off track. Adding  commands  is  trivial.  Just  do  it.  The
problem  is how toadd commands in a way that they are not compiled at
all when not explicitely selected in the board configuration.

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