[U-Boot-Users] Altera Stratix II support

David Hawkins dwh at ovro.caltech.edu
Fri May 18 00:02:32 CEST 2007

Hi Liberty,

> I am already knee deep in adding Altera Stratix II support to the
> u-boot via the fpga command (currently xlinix & acex1k are
> supported)...
> of course I will re-post when i am done.
> My only question is,
> Am i reinventing the wheel?
> Is it already implemented anywhere?
> If i am, where can I find a reference to the work already done?
> If not I will soon give you one :)

I haven't looked for it yet, but I plan to add support
too eventually (= months from now when I get boards).

I haven't looked at the code, but here's how I plan to
configure my FPGAs. Your method may be different, so
perhaps between us we can come up with a consistent API.

The board I am designing will contain an MPC8349E, and
Altera Stratix II system controller FPGA on the processor
local bus, and then 4 other programmable FPGAs. A
board placement PDF is here;


and engineering documents are here


The system controller FPGA will boot from Flash, a MAX II
CPLD will configure it on power-up, and then it'll bring the
PPC out of reset, which will then boot through Flash located
off the system controller FPGA (hence the system controller
comes to life before the processor). The other four FPGAs
will be programmed as the application dictates.

So given U-Boot running, I'd imagine tftp'ing RBF
(raw binary format) files generated by Quartus over to the
board. I'd then copy the files to a block of memory which
maps in my system controller to a fast-passive-parallel (FPP)
programmer. That state machine then programs the FPGAs.
In Linux the same procedure would be hidden behind
a driver so I could dd the RBFs into /dev/fgpa_fpp or

The point of mapping the FPP programmer into a block of
local bus memory addresses is so that I can use the MPC8349E
DMA controller to DMA the RBF files from SDRAM memory to the
programmer memory (eg. from files in a RAM filesystem).
According to the datasheet MPC8349E DMA controller won't
burst with a fixed destination address (FIFO mode), so I'll
just fake it out and let it DMA to what it thinks
is an incrementing address location.

How are you planning on programming your FPGA?


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