[U-Boot-Users] TSEC - PQ II Pro

Monstr at seznam.cz Monstr at seznam.cz
Thu May 31 14:31:53 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,

I port U-BOOT to one proprietary board with PQ II Pro 8343E and I have connected both TSEC to Vitesse switch.
And I have problem with unrealizable condition in tsec_recv function !(rtx.rxbd[rxIdx].status & RXBD_STATS).
I have in rtx.rxbd[rxIdx].status word setting third bit (0x04). When I make ping command I have Got error 4
I look at tsec.h and bit 4 in status is  RXBD_CRCERR.

I made temporary solution but it is unacceptable.
if (!(rtx.rxbd[rxIdx].status & (RXBD_STATS & ~RXBD_CRCERR))) {
			NetReceive(NetRxPackets[rxIdx], length - 4);
			/* puts("*"); */

Can you help me where is the problem?

Best regards,
Michal Simek

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