[U-Boot-Users] Porting U-Boot on to Cogent CSB535FS

TXEMA LOPEZ tlopez at aotek.es
Thu May 31 16:56:54 CEST 2007

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Hi Txema,

   I will indeed use your patch. But I would also like to have some
pointers as to how to develop this patch. I am new to the embedded
world although not that new to Linux. I want to fully port U-boot to
CSB535FS as we require the support for SD card and Compact Flash.
Hi Midhun,

The support for the SD Card an CompactFlash is needed in U-Boot or only in Linux? If your really need it in U-Boot one good starting point could be the Linux existing drivers.

  How do I start porting U-Boot to a new board? I have read the README
of U-Boot. And I know that I need to set a lot of parameters - but
they are Greek and Latin for me. How do I start off? Any web sites??
Books?? Links?? Were do I get these parameters from?? From the board
manufacturer / supplier??

Usually, you can use a porting done to a board similar to your new board. You need a new configuration file and a new directory where you must put the board related code. But in your case this work is done in my patch: I got the IMX porting as a reference. But my tree structure was not accepted and this is what Wolfgang suggested: 

"So if you have a IMX serial driver that should go to 
and an ethernet driver to
and your I2C driver to
As a minimum, you should start this new directory structure  and  use it  for  the  IMX  related  code (and leave the cleanup of the other, already existing code in the  drivers/  directory  to  others).  Even better,  you  would  include this restructuring of the existing code, too.
[And ideally, you would clean up all the U-Boot code, merge all  open patches  and  fix  all  the  remaining  bugs as well. But I guess I'm asking for too much :-) ]
Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk "

So the code I put in cpu/arm926ejs/imx21 was in the wrong place. And it was very similar to the IMX related code and another suggestion was to use only one source file for both boards with some ifdef's.

I don't know where you can find some information about the porting of U-Boot to a new board. My experience is that all the documentation is in the U-Boot source code. Good luck.

Best Regards,


  Thanks and Regards,
  Midhun Agnihotram.

On 5/30/07, Txema Lopez <tlopez at aotek.es> wrote:
> Midhun Agnihotram wrote:
> > Hi Txema,
> >
> >  I got the patch and I have gone through the conversation - when you
> > submitted the patch. But I did not really understand the "threats".
> > What is all about.
> The discussion was about how the patch must be done to be accepted and
> more exactly where to put the porting related code in the U-Boot
> directory tree.
> > Is porting U-Boot to CSB535 not advised??
> I don't think so. We have developped a CSB535 based custom board and
> U-Boot is working fine.
> > Or is it
> > that there is more work to be done??
> The patch has not support for USB, SD Card or CF, but you can launch a
> linux kernel from flash or tftp.
> >
> > Thanks & Regards,
> > Midhun Agnihotram,
> >
> > On 5/30/07, TXEMA LOPEZ <tlopez at aotek.es> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Midhun,
> >>
> >> I sent a patch for a U-Boot 1.2.0 version but It was not accepted.
> >> See the threats "Support for csb535fs / i.MX21 LiteKit" and "arm SoC
> >> code in U-Boot". I pushed this work in my "todo stack" but
> >> unfortunately it's still there (And I'm afraid It will be for long
> >> time). The patch It's working fine and you can get it from the U-Boot
> >> users mailing list or I can resend it to you.
> >>
> >> Best Regards
> >>
> >> J.M. Lopez.
> >>

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