[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH/RFC] mpc5200: switch to CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT

Bartlomiej Sieka tur at semihalf.com
Mon Sep 3 22:23:08 CEST 2007

Grant Likely wrote:
>>>> -#if defined(CONFIG_OF_FLAT_TREE)
>>>> -#include <ft_build.h>
>>>> -#endif
>>>> +#ifdef CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT
>>>> +#include <libfdt.h>
>>>> +#include <libfdt_env.h>
>>>> +#include <fdt_support.h>
>>> ditto.
>>>> +#endif /* CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT */
>>> do the includes need such protection?
>> There are a number of 5200 boards that haven't been migrated to
>> support fdt yet, so I left the protection in.  I suppose it can be
>> removed.
> Ignore this comment; I was on crack.. Of course the protections are
> not needed for the board specific code.  I'll fix.

Could similar protections around ft_board_setup() definition in 
board-specific code be removed as well? I'm thinking about:

void ft_board_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd)
         ft_cpu_setup(blob, bd);
#endif /* defined(CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT) && defined(CONFIG_OF_BOARD_SETUP) */


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