[U-Boot-Users] best way to debug memory address problems?

Alan Bennett embedded at akb.net
Mon Sep 10 23:51:19 CEST 2007

  This is interesting, on further examination, I see replication
occurring on the 16 MB boundary.  Are you saying that this is due to a
misconfiguration of the BR/OR registers?
i.e. writing to 0 results in replication when reading from 01000000 /
02000000 / 03000000 etc...

  Along the lines of the mtest errors.  I see 340 B of errors just
running the initial mtest routines.  I'll see if I can find out what
might be in that area, but of course, that's after figuring out this
replication problem.

mtest results:  size of memory error area:
Mem error @ 0x00B8BC90: found 07B8BCA0, expected 002A2F24
Mem error @ 0x00B8BDE4: found 07FDC3D0, expected 002A2F79

-Thanks again, Alan

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