[U-Boot-Users] Problem with Lite5200 DDR configuration

Txema Lopez tlopez at aotek.es
Thu Sep 27 13:54:55 CEST 2007

Prakash Palanisamy, TLS-Chennai wrote:

> Hi,
> We are using u-Boot in Lite5200B with DDR. We compiled the u-Boot with 
> “ icecube_5200_DDR_LOWBOOT_config” option and flashed the image in to 
> flash at * 0xFF800000 * .
> The problem we are facing is,
> The image is *booting* only if we flash the image in *both (0xFF800000 
> and 0xFF000000) places*. The reset vector for the two configurations 
> (icecube_5200_LOWBOOT & icecube_5200_DDR_LOWBOOT) are same.
> We have tried by writing different images in these locations and found 
> that the booted image is the one which is flashed in 0xFF800000. But 
> if erase the image at 0xFF000000, it is not booting.
The Lite5200B has two banks of 16Mbtes flash, so if you flashed U-Boot 
in the 0xFF800000 you are putting it in the meddle of the flash, nor in 
theLOWBOOT location, nor in the HIGH boot location. When you flash a new 
U-Boot in the 0xFF000000 the system starts from this location but I 
think there is a jump to the U-Boot flashed in the 0xFF800000 because 
your TEXT_BASE ( the address reference for the linker) in U-Boot is 
The correct address for the LOWBOOT in the Lite5200B is 0xFF000000.

Best Regards,

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