[U-Boot] Problems porting new u-boot

Alemao xcarandiru at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 18:36:32 CEST 2009

Thanks for the quick responses.

Thanks for the quick responses.

Actually it doesn't need to be so big, to justify use TEXT_BASE
0xfff00000. Im really wasting flash memory.

The problem is that in U-Boot-1.2.0, u-boot.bin gets filled, and in
U-Boot-2009.03 seems that objcopy doesn't fill the right size.

I tried just change TEXT_BASE for MPC8541CDS board, setting it to
0xfff00000. In U-Boot-1.2.0 was ok, but in U-Boot-2009.03 u-boot.bin
was only 512kB, and it should be 1MB

Then I tried TEXT_BASE = 0xffb00000:

U-Boot-1.2.0 -> u-boot.bin 5MB
U-Boot-2009.03 -> u-boot.bin 512kB

It seems that another variable is limiting the size to 512kB.



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