[U-Boot] ARM926ej, trying to serve interrupt

Ricardo Martínez rmartinez at teltronic.es
Wed Aug 26 17:08:50 CEST 2009

I'm trying to printf something when one timer generates an interrupt.
u-boot version is 1.3.4.
The steps I've followed:
- #define CONFIG_USE_IRQ
- I've enabled interrupts
- I've enabled timer interrupt
- I've enabled timer
- I've checked interrupt masks
- I've checked interrupt status flags prior to timer interrupt
The problem is that when timer generates interrupt (reaches 0 after several
cycles), I expect default u-boot code "do_irq", called from ".irq:" address
defined in "start.S" get executed. In that function is where I want to
printf anything to check it is working. But the whole system hangs. When
timer generates the interrupt, ARM9 hangs without printing anything and
normal execution is freezed.
printf and serial driver work perfectly because I've checked the steps above
with prinft debugguing.
I bet that when timer interrupts CPU, it jumps to code section not defined.
The question is... How can I program the expected behaviour? I mean
executing "do_irq" when the interrupt is generated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,
Ricardo Martinez

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