[U-Boot] [RFC] OMAP3: make TWL4030 optional for MMC driver

Matthias Ludwig mludwig at ultratronik.de
Thu Aug 27 16:31:37 CEST 2009

>> Maybe it would be better if the power_init function was removed from 
>> the common file and moved to the individual board files.  What do you 
>> think ?
>> Tom
> Yes, sounds like a good idea.

I also agree, looks like the more generic approach.

Do you expect any problem when moving the call to twl4030_power_mmc_init
into misc_init_r (in board/omap3/*/*.c) (of course bellow I2C init)?

In a quick test it seem to work (at least compiles fine), but i cannot
test it at the moment due to lack of hardware.

best regards,

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