[U-Boot] [PATCH 1/1] at91sam9x: driver to use the internal RTT as RTC

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Sat Apr 3 21:30:43 CEST 2010

Am 03.04.2010 20:33, schrieb Tom:
> Alexander Holler wrote:
> Change parameter name to something more descriptive.
> 'tmp' implies used locally and this value is passed back.
> Maybe 'tm' as to_tmp(.., struct rtc_time *tm) ?

Maybe someone should place a README in drivers/rtc which reads "Don't 
use this stuff as template" as almost every source there uses this tmp.

aholler at laptopahvpn ~/Source/u-boot/drivers/rtc $ PAGER= git grep rtc_get
bfin_rtc.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds12887.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1302.c:rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1302.c:               printf("ds1302: rtc_get: Clock was halted, clock 
probably "
ds1306.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1306.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1307.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1337.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ds1374.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tm){
ds1556.c:int rtc_get( struct rtc_time *tmp )
ds164x.c:int rtc_get( struct rtc_time *tmp )
ds174x.c:int rtc_get( struct rtc_time *tmp )
ds3231.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
ftrtc010.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
isl1208.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
m41t11.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
m41t60.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
m41t62.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tm)
m41t94.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tm)
m48t35ax.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
max6900.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
mc13783-rtc.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *rtc)
mc146818.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
mcfrtc.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
mk48t59.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
mpc5xxx.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
mpc8xx.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
pcf8563.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
pl031.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
rs5c372.c:rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
rtc4543.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tm)
rx8025.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time *tmp)
s3c24x0_rtc.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tmp)
s3c44b0_rtc.c:int rtc_get (struct rtc_time* tm)
x1205.c:int rtc_get(struct rtc_time *tm)

Happy easter,


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