[U-Boot] [PATCH ARM 4/4] Change s3c24x0 register struct members to lower case

kevin.morfitt at fearnside-systems.co.uk kevin.morfitt at fearnside-systems.co.uk
Sun Feb 7 15:10:29 CET 2010

On 07/02/2010 13:38, Minkyu Kang wrote:
> Dear Wolfgang and kevin,
> On 6 February 2010 23:24, Wolfgang Denk<wd at denx.de>  wrote:
>> Dear Minkyu Kang,
>> In message<1f3430fb1002060418ydd28583sb6051dd1517fa864 at mail.gmail.com>  you wrote:
>>>> Changes the names of the s3c24x0 register struct members from upper-case
>>>> to lower-case.
>> ...
>>> Sorry for late reply.
>>> I tried to review your patch series,
>>> but your patch is too confusion, because of files are scattered in
>>> every patches.
>> Well, but that's only natural, as the use of these names is scattered
>> all over the place.
>>> If possible, could you please remake patches?
>>> Please make to one file's modification by one patch.
>> This request makes no sense at all. If you change a variable name, you
>> *must* change all places where it hgets used within the same commit.
> Agreed,
> but I didn't mention about patch 4. (It's my mistake that I replied at
> this mail)
> I think patch1, 2 and 3 are same type of change (about code style).
> So, I want to merge these patches,
> can be see one file's modification by one patch.

Patches 1 and 2 contain only white-space changes and patch 3 contains
only code style changes (moving external function prototypes to header
files, removing unused code, making line lengths less than 81 characters,
brackets around if/then/else/when/do blocks, generally anything that
checkpatch.pl warns about). I can merge these together as long as
nobody objects to having white-space and code style changes in a
single patch?


>> The splitting you suggest would make things worse.
>> Best regards,
>> Wolfgang Denk
> btw, I understood about kevin's concept.
> please rebase and resend the patch.
> Thanks.
> Minkyu Kang

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