[U-Boot] [PATCH 1/2] arm: use $loadaddr as the standalone entry point

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Aug 12 18:29:51 UTC 2017

Dear Max,

In message <20170812090346.7887-2-max.krummenacher at toradex.com> you wrote:
> Different SoCs have different RAM layouts, so providing
> $(CONFIG_LOADADDR) instead of the constant 0xc100000 for
> CONFIG_STANDALONE_LOAD_ADDR is probably more appropriate.

At least the wording of the Subject should be fixed.

It is fundamentaaly broken to associate the names "loadaddr" and
"entry point" with each other.  Both are completely independent
entities which mean totally different things. It is pure chance if
the entry point of some loaded image should be at the very beginning
of this image, but this is almost never the case.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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