[U-Boot] [PATCH v2 4/7] usb: dwc2-otg: make regs_otg (in platdata) a uintptr_t

Philipp Tomsich philipp.tomsich at theobroma-systems.com
Tue Jun 6 13:42:29 UTC 2017

The regs_otg field in uintptr_t of the platform data structure for
dwc2-otg has thus far been an unsigned int, but will eventually be
casted into a void*.

This raises the following error with GCC 6.3 and buildman:
  ../drivers/usb/gadget/dwc2_udc_otg.c: In function 'dwc2_udc_probe':
  ../drivers/usb/gadget/dwc2_udc_otg.c:821:8: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
    reg = (struct dwc2_usbotg_reg *)pdata->regs_otg;

This changes regs_otg to a uintptr_t to ensure that it is large enough
to hold any valid pointer (and fix the associated warning).

Signed-off-by: Philipp Tomsich <philipp.tomsich at theobroma-systems.com>


Changes in v2:
- (new patch) fix a int-to-pointer cast warning for regs_otg in
  dwc2-otg to fix a buildman failure for u-boot-rockchip/master at 2b19b2f

 include/usb/dwc2_udc.h | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/include/usb/dwc2_udc.h b/include/usb/dwc2_udc.h
index 7324d8a..1a370e0 100644
--- a/include/usb/dwc2_udc.h
+++ b/include/usb/dwc2_udc.h
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ struct dwc2_plat_otg_data {
 	int		phy_of_node;
 	int		(*phy_control)(int on);
 	unsigned int	regs_phy;
-	unsigned int	regs_otg;
+	uintptr_t	regs_otg;
 	unsigned int    usb_phy_ctrl;
 	unsigned int    usb_flags;
 	unsigned int	usb_gusbcfg;

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