[U-Boot] burning eMMC from sdcard.img in U-Boot

Jack Mitchell ml at embed.me.uk
Wed Apr 3 05:32:33 UTC 2019

On 02/04/2019 21:59, Adam Ford wrote:
> I have a board with eMMC storage.  I've been trying to find an elegant
> solution to burning the sdcard image to eMMC.  I looked at using the
> USB mass storage gadget, but it's a bit slow.  I was hoping to avoid
> having to boot all the way into Linux to do it, but the sdcard.img
> file is larger than the memory I have available.

DFU could be worth a look, it has an mmc backend and may be more
efficient than the mass storage gadget.

> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to burn the contents of a file
> to eMMC (or mmc/sd) from within U-Boot when the source file size may
> vary and it's larger than the available memory, so it needs to be done
> in blocks?
> thanks
> adam
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