[U-Boot] [PATCH 10/13 v3] Makefile: Add Kconfig option CONFIG_SPL_IMAGE to select the SPL binary

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Wed Apr 3 12:22:45 UTC 2019

Hi Eugen,

On 03.04.19 13:21, Stefan Roese wrote:


>>> If I try to just use menuconfig and change this value to something else,
>>> build fails. The purpose of this Kconfig is to name the SPL filename as
>>> per the config's desire ?
>>> Or in fact is "which binary file to use to make the Combined SPL+U-BOOT
>>> mega image" ?
>> Ok, the commit message explains it pretty well, but the Kconfig help is
>> totally different... hence the confusion sorry.
>> So we need to either make a choice submenu in this Kconfig : either this
>> or that; or, do exactly what the Kconfig says: rename the output binary
>> into the value of this Kconfig.
>> Does this make sense ?
> You are suggesting to add this SPL_IMAGE as choice instead of its
> current implementation? That might be better, yes. Let me look into
> this...

I did look into this and I would prefer to stay with the original
implementation of the defaults. Changing this into a Kconfig choice
makes this a bit more complex in the Kconfig. Additionally and even
more important (for my personal feeling), the original implementation
is more in line with the BUILD_TARGET implemenation directly below
this new implementation.

So if you don't object, I would like to send a new version with the
original implementation but with a "better" (more correct)
description in Kconfig.

What do you think?


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