[U-Boot] How to enforce saveenv at boot

Jonas Mark (BT-FIR/ENG1) Mark.Jonas at de.bosch.com
Fri Apr 5 11:13:09 UTC 2019


Our board stores the U-Boot environment in an MTD partition. I would like to
ensure that there is always an U-Boot environment stored in MTD so that the
userspace tool fw_setenv does not need to fall back on its built in default
environment or a default environment stored in a file (see

When U-Boot starts up it checks whether the specified MTD partition contains
a valid environment and loads it. In case there is no valid environment it
will use the compiled in default. Is there already a feature in U-Boot which
would then also write that default to the MTD partition?

Alternatively a Hush script could help. Is there an easy way to detect that
U-Boot is using the compiled in environment? In that case I could simply do a
saveenv (?) which would then initialize the MTD environment partition.


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