[U-Boot] [PATCH v4 00/25] MTD defconfigs/Kconfigs/Makefiles heavy cleanup

Jagan Teki jagan at amarulasolutions.com
Fri Apr 12 05:43:21 UTC 2019

On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 11:38 PM Miquel Raynal <miquel.raynal at bootlin.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> During my last project about SPI-NAND support in U-Boot, I discovered
> when modifying Makefiles a confusing organization where:
> * Sub-directories/files are compiled from the root Makefile
> * Commands are at the root of everything
> I sent a fist series a few weeks ago to move Makefile entries in their
> respective directories (which needed to be reworked). Since then, I
> have been working on clarifying all this for the MTD subsystem and
> here are the main points of such re-organization:
> * Rename CONFIG_MTD into CONFIG_DM_MTD to reserve CONFIG_MTD to what
>   is called today CONFIG_MTD_DEVICE.
> * Fix build dependencies in defconfigs, like: "UBI and NAND depend on MTD".
> * Fix the Kconfig files to reflect these dependencies (as defconfigs
>   have been updated, nothing should break).
> * Simplify the Makefiles: compiling the drivers/mtd/nand/raw/
>   sub-directory should just depend on MTD being compiled and the NAND
>   core as well, there is absolutely no logic to make it depend on
> New green Travis CI build for the third version of this series:
> https://travis-ci.org/miquelraynal/u-boot/builds/463486099
> There are three Sandbox tests that are failing, they have not been
> break by this series. The following Travis test has been done on the
> commit on which has been based the series and shows the same errors:
> https://travis-ci.org/miquelraynal/u-boot/builds/463593006
> Thanks,
> Miquèl
> Note: as the number of Cc:'ed people reached 184 with
> get_maintainers.pl I decided to trim the list to:
> * People interested by the MTD subsystem.
> * A few maintainers: I had to tweak some defconfigs after more digging
>   than with other boards (k2g, bcm11130, M54418TWR). Maintainers of
>   these platforms are Cc:'ed.
> Changes since v3:
> =================
> * As suggested by Vignesh, SPI_FLASH_MTD depends on MTD. Enforce this
>   in Kconfig with a new patch. There is no defconfig to fix, all
>   defconfigs with SPI_FLASH_MTD already use MTD.
> * s/coherent Makefile/appropriate Makefile/ in commit title of patch 1.
> * s/Kconfig/Makefile in commit message of "mtd: nand: remove
>   dependency on commands in Kconfig" and "mtd: ubi: remove dependency
>   on command in Kconfig".
> * Add Boris R-b tags.
> * Correct typos pointed by Boris.
> * Remove the if/endif in cmd/Kconfig about mtdparts, let the "depends
>   on" that was already present.
> * Use an if/endif block to compile legacy-mtd-utils.c (to avoid
>   failures when both 'sf' and 'nand' commands are compiled-in).
> * Merge all Makefile changes in one consistent commit as suggested by
>   Boris.
> Changes since v2:
> =================
> * Cleanup also applied to the SPL in an additional patch.
> * NOR dependency on MTD extracted from the patch adding MTD
>   dependencies on commands only to do it in a separate change.
> * Typo s/copile/compile/ in "rename CONFIG_MTD_DEVICE..." commit log.
> * No more MTD depencency on SPI_FLASH, only kept on SPI_FLASH_MTD.
> * Same applies to the sf command.
> * Avoid compiling the NAND core while it is not needed (not speaking
>   about the raw NAND core, really what is in drivers/mtd/nand:).
> * Last patch dropping CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS forgotten. We need them in
>   order to reduce the final binary size.
> * Additional fixes in cmd/Kconfig.
> Changes since v1:
> =================
> * Squashed both patches from the first series and included them in
>   "mtd: simplify Makefiles".
> * Added all other patches.
> * Renamed CONFIG_NAND into CONFIG_MTD_RAW_NAND as suggested.
> Miquel Raynal (25):
>   mtd: rename CONFIG_MTD -> CONFIG_DM_MTD
>   mtd: ensure MTD is compiled when there is a NOR flash
>   mtd: ensure MTD/the raw NAND core are compiled when there is a NAND
>     flash
>   mtd: ensure MTD is compiled when there is a SPI NOR flash using MTD
>   mtd: ensure UBI is compiled when using fastmap
>   mtd: ensure MTD is compiled when UBI is used
>   mtd: ensure UBI is compiled when CMD_UBI is selected
>   mtd: ensure UBI is compiled when ENV_IS_IN_UBI is selected
>   mtd: ensure MTD_RAW_NAND is compiled when ENV_IS_IN_NAND is selected
>   mtd: ensure MTD and NOR drivers are compiled with ENV_IS_IN_FLASH
>   mtd: ensure CMD_NAND is compiled when its options are selected
>   mtd: ensure MTD is compiled when CMD_MTDPARTS is selected
>   configs: move CONFIG_MTD in defconfigs when set in arch includes
>   configs: remove raw NAND core from k2g defconfigs
>   configs: remove MTD support from bcm11130 and M54418TWR defconfigs
>   mtd: nand: add includes in NAND core to avoid warnings
>   dfu: add dependency on the raw NAND core
>   mtd: nor: NOR flashes depend on MTD
>   mtd: spi: SPI_FLASH_MTD depends on MTD
>   cmd: mtdparts: Kconfig: join mtdparts command entry with its options
>   cmd: nand/sf: isolate legacy code
>   cmd: make MTD commands depend on MTD
>   mtd: Makefile: deep cleanup

Miquel, Can you send the rebase version. look unable to apply on master.

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