[U-Boot] SPL

Linder Pascal Pascal.Linder at edu.hefr.ch
Wed Apr 17 07:04:10 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

With my NanoPi NEO Plus2 board, I try to make some modifications on the Flattened Image Tree (FIT). This includes compression and also some security features like signing/verifying. But I do not know if my modifications worked out.

It is a FIT that is started by the SPL, i.e. it includes U-Boot, the ATF and the device tree blob for the bootloader. Therefore, I cannot see anything in the console that assures the proper function.

Also, I wonder if it is even possible to sign the U-Boot image and verify it by the SPL. What functions does the sunxi SPL even support?

For your answers I would be really grateful.


Pascal Linder

Student Telekommunikation Netzwerke und Sicherheit

Klasse T-3b

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