[U-Boot] [PATCH 1/2] fit: Support FDT compression

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Thu Apr 18 20:36:38 UTC 2019

> My approach was to uncompress all compressed images on-the-fly in
> fit_image_load().

Right, that's essentially what this patch is doing too.

> Or I could dig up my patches from October and we'll see how far you get
> with those?

I think I found your patch:

It seems to be doing something very close to what my patch does
anyway. My patch goes a little further by also solving the case when
no load address is given (in that case it will malloc() a buffer to
decompress into with an upper bound guess for the required size). If
there is a load size given, the two should end up doing the same
thing. Also your patch works on all image types, which as you said
there breaks it for kernels. I think the option of doing it for all
image types except kernels would be a good solution for everyone.
(Ultimately, I think it might be nicer if the kernel decompression
would also be handled there and not as a special case, but I'd rather
not tackle everything at once. This can always be iterated upon in the

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