[U-Boot] Booting MX6 via Serial Download after DM conversion

Fabio Estevam festevam at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 22:51:55 UTC 2019


Has anyone managed to boot i.MX6 via serial download protocol after
the conversion to DM?

On a mx6sabresd I can no longer boot via SDP running 2019.04:

After running 'sudo ./imx_usb SPL' I get:

U-Boot SPL 2019.04 (Apr 22 2019 - 19:45:46 -0300)
Trying to boot from USB SDP
SDP: initialize...
SDP: handle requests..

Then I load the u-boot-dtb.img binary and the following error is seen:

$ sudo ./imx_usb u-boot-dtb.img
config file </usr/etc/imx-loader.d//imx_usb.conf>
vid=0x066f pid=0x3780 file_name=mx23_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004f file_name=mx28_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0052 file_name=mx50_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0054 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0061 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0063 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0071 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x007d file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0080 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x0128 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0076 file_name=mx7_usb_work.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x0126 file_name=mx7ulp_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0041 file_name=mx51_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004e file_name=mx53_usb_work.conf
vid=0x15a2 pid=0x006a file_name=vybrid_usb_work.conf
vid=0x066f pid=0x37ff file_name=linux_gadget.conf
vid=0x1b67 pid=0x4fff file_name=mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf
vid=0x0525 pid=0xb4a4 file_name=mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf
vid=0x1fc9 pid=0x012b file_name=mx8mq_usb_work.conf
config file </usr/etc/imx-loader.d//mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf>
parse /usr/etc/imx-loader.d//mx6_usb_sdp_spl.conf
Trying to open device vid=0x0525 pid=0xb4a4
Interface 0 claimed
HAB security state: development mode (0x56787856)
== work item
filename u-boot-dtb.img
load_size 0 bytes
load_addr 0x00000000
dcd 1
clear_dcd 0
plug 1
jump_mode 3
jump_addr 0x00000000
== end work item
header not found 8400:2e77d044, 4000
do_download failed, err=-22
HAB security state: development mode (0x56787856)

With 2019.01 (prior to DM conversion) I can boot via SDP just fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Fabio Estevam

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