[U-Boot] [PATCH v2 5/5] board: toradex: add colibri imx8qxp 2gb wb it v1.0b module support

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Fri Apr 26 10:39:27 UTC 2019

Hi Marcel,

On 26/04/19 11:58, Marcel Ziswiler wrote:
> Hi Stefano
> On Fri, 2019-04-26 at 11:46 +0200, Stefano Babic wrote:
>> On 26/04/19 11:20, Marcel Ziswiler wrote:
>>> Hi Igor
>>> Sorry, somehow I missed your comments below (;-p).
>>> I will send out a v4 (yes there already was a v3 BTW) shortly
>>> including
>>> the SPL resp. without SPL build fix.
>> Fine - the series (without 5/5) is already applied on u-boot-imx.
>> Please
>> just send 5/5.
> OK, strange. While I thought I just checked on git.denx.de I somehow
> missed that.

It does not depend on you, but on my changed work-flow. Because Tom does
not accept PR that does not pass Travis' build, I push currently first
to my github account (where I rebase often and I fix myself small
issues), and I push later to git.denx.de just after build passed. This
avoids that my rebasess make people unhappy because history is broken,
and tree on git.denx.de is always in a good state.

> Will just send 5/5 plus the SPL fix. Thanks!


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