[U-Boot] [PATCH v7 0/9] x86: Add basic Slim Bootloader payload support

Bin Meng bmeng.cn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 05:22:47 UTC 2019

Hi Aiden,

On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 12:35 PM Park, Aiden <aiden.park at intel.com> wrote:
> This patch is to enable U-Boot as a payload which runs on top of Slim Bootloader(https://github.com/slimbootloader/slimbootloader) boot firmware for x86 platforms.
> The Slim Bootloader is designed with multi-stage architecture for the execution from reset vector to OS hand-off, and supports QEMU, Apollolake, Whiskeylake and Coffeelake platforms consuming Intel FSP(https://github.com/IntelFsp/FSP) for silicon initialization including CAR and memory initialization.
> As multi-stage architecture, the Slim Bootloader adopts payload concept which is responsible for OS load from media devices and boot OS and it supports 32-bit PE32, EFI FV, ELF and RAW format payloads.
> The Slim Bootloader generate HOB(Hand Off Block) list pointer, which has debug serial port info, memory map info, performance data info and etc., and passes it to a payload. U-Boot configures serial port, dram, pci, tsc and others with the information from the HOB.
> The compiled U-Boot supports USB, SATA and SD/MMC boot which have been verified on QEMU and other supported platforms.
> Changes in v7:
>   * Split HOB library into EFI_GUID pre-work and making a common library
>   * Use for_each macro for memory entry search

Thanks for all the efforts so far!

There are some checkpatch warnings which I think we should fix:

CHECK: Unnecessary parentheses around guid_hob->name
#379: FILE: arch/x86/lib/fsp/fsp_support.c:374:
+               if (!guidcmp(guid, &(guid_hob->name)))

ERROR: trailing statements should be on next line
#76: FILE: arch/x86/cpu/slimbootloader/sdram.c:37:
+               if (entries->entry[iter].type != E820_RAM) {} else


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