[U-Boot] Announcement -- Upstreaming of U-Boot support for Broadcom router devices

Joel Peshkin joel.peshkin at broadcom.com
Thu Aug 1 19:38:42 UTC 2019

Hi All:

   Up to now, there has been limited 3rd party support for Broadcom's 63xx
and 68xx devices in U-Boot.   At this point, we plan to introduce
vendor-supported U-Boot to all of the ARM-based  BCM63XX and BCM68XX
devices as well as some additional family members.  These devices can be
broadly considered as the devices used in DSL and PON routers as well as in
retail and enterprise wireless access points.

   We are doing this in coordination with some of our partners who have
made previous contributions.   To avoid namespace collisions,  we plan to
place device-specific files under mach-bcmbca/.   Generally, rather than
add support for specific boards, we will add support for specific devices
and leave it up to configuration and the DTB selected at runtime to
distinguish among numerous boards supported by the same build.  There are
also a few generally useful features we hope to contribute.

   Several team members at Broadcom will be making contributions in this
effort.  We are a bit light on U-Boot development experience, so feedback
and advice will be appreciated.  We will begin distinct threads on this
list for specific related topics.

-Joel Peshkin

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