[U-Boot] [PATCH v2 0/9] imx: mxs: Fixes and DM/DTS conversion code for several i.MX28 drivers

Lukasz Majewski lukma at denx.de
Sun Aug 18 21:35:53 UTC 2019

This patch series focuses on fixing and enhancing the i.MX28 to be
converted to DM/DTS.
The mxs gpio, spi and eMMC drivers has been fixed and converted to DM/DTS.

Changes in v2:
- New patch
- Correct position of struct mmc_ops mxsmmc_ops to avoid build
  breaks on board using legacy i.MX28 mmc driver.
- New patch
- New patch
- New patch

Lukasz Majewski (9):
  doc: fix: Replace SPL_OF_PLATDATA with OF_PLATDATA in examples
  dts: imx28: Remove #include "imx28.dtsi" from imx28-u-boot.dtsi file
  spl: Init proper struct driver member (platdata_auto_alloc_size) for
  spi: fix: Call mxs_reset_block() during DM/DTS probe
  spi: Add support for SPL_OF_PLATDATA to mxs_spi.c driver
  mmc: Convert mxsmmc eMMC driver for i.MX2{38} to DM/DTS
  mmc: Replace printf with debug call for timeouts in the i.MX28 mxs
  spl: Introduce SPL_DM_GPIO Kconfig define
  spi: Add support for SPL_OF_PLATDATA to mxs_gpio.c driver

 arch/arm/dts/imx28-u-boot.dtsi |   1 -
 common/spl/Kconfig             |   6 +
 doc/driver-model/of-plat.rst   |   8 +-
 drivers/gpio/mxs_gpio.c        |  72 +++++--
 drivers/mmc/mxsmmc.c           | 445 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 drivers/spi/mxs_spi.c          |  38 +++-
 6 files changed, 474 insertions(+), 96 deletions(-)


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