[U-Boot] [PATCH 0/1] NVME fix PRP Offset Invalid

Aaron Williams awilliams at marvell.com
Wed Aug 21 00:23:28 UTC 2019

Let's try this yet again.  I'm sorry if multiple emails are going
out, I'm having issues getting git send-email working with our
mail server.

Anyway, this fixes a problem where the U-Boot NVME driver fails
during large transfers due to the way the NVME driver allocates
the PRP data structure.  This data structure cannot cross a
page boundary and hence it should be aligned to a page boundary
and be a multiple of the page size (4K).  The last entry in
the PRP points to the next page if there are more entries than
will fit in a single page.  Without this fix, I was seeing a
status code of 0x13 (PRP Offset Invalid) when writing a 187MiB
Linux kernel image to a 128GiB FAT32 filesystem on a Samsung
1TB 970+ NVME SSD drive.


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