[U-Boot] Ret: Re: [PATCH v5] board/BuR/zynq/brsmarc2: initial commit

Michal Simek monstr at monstr.eu
Thu Aug 22 08:10:20 UTC 2019

>> > +/* The following table includes the supported baudrates */
>> > +   {300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400}
>> All these configs L2/timer included are already in zynq-common.dtsi.
>> I think I told you to include this file here. If there is something what
>> you don't want to enable for your board then let's fix it but I really
>> don't like to c&p setting which is already written. It is purely
>> duplication for no reason.
>> This file should include zynq-common.dtsi and take configuration from
>> that file. If there is something board specific then we should find a
>> way how to fix this.
> this looks like to be the last big challenge to get rid with my new
> board ;-)
> I think you mean zynq-common.h
> Yes, you told me using it ... more than one time ... but i'm still very
> unhappy
> with this zynq-common.h since it is very overloaded and trimmed to
> the existing eval-boards.
> Maybe we have a chance to split the zynq-common.h up into at least
> two parts where having at one side all soc-specific stuff (various
> base-addresses, caching, timer, stack, ....), the bare-minimum and
> at the other side all "application-specific", meaning distro-default,
> bootcommand, filenames, boot-devices, load-addresses ...
> This would give us the opportunity having boards like the existing
> eval-boards and boards like mine which loving the bare minimum.

This sounds like c&p thing which should be quite fast. Feel free to do
it and we can discuss if this is ok or not. Especially where that split
should be and why some macros should be moved there or there.
Till now if there was any need we have added #ifndef XXX and redefine it
in board file.
From u-boot project point of view if there is real need to change these
things then we should look at moving them to Kconfig first and current
values should be default that you can simply rewrite it.

>> > +
>> > +/* Environment */
>> > +#define CONFIG_SYS_AUTOLOAD   "no"
>> I have not a problem with listing things like this because it takes time
>> to move things to Kconfig but copying baseaddresses and setting for SPL
>> doesn't make sense.
> no glue at the moment. pls a bit more explanation.

Normally when you convert one option to Kconfig then you should fix all
boards which takes a lot of time and a lot of effort because multiple
targets need to be checked.
It is easier just to introduce Kconfig and limit it's scope for certain
SoC and let others to extend it till everything is converted and
limitation can be removed.

I will be checking that "board" specific macros one by one to see what
we can do with it.


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