[U-Boot] [PATCH v2] net/macb: increase RX buffer size for GEM

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Fri Aug 23 08:35:49 UTC 2019

On 23.08.19 07:54, Ramon Fried wrote:


>>>> BTW: When I disable the dcache (dcache off), tftp also works fine
>>>> with this patch. So its definitely something cache / dma related.
>>> Thanks for letting me know, I'll be next to a PC tomorrow, I'll look
>>> into it.
>> I did look into this patch a bit and did not find any functional
>> change for the non-GEM part I'm using. Hopefully I'll find some more
>> time tomorrow to dig into this. If you spot something meanwhile,
>> then even better. ;)
> Are you sure this is the bad patch?
> try master branch and bisect.

I'm using master and this fails. When this patch in question is reverted,
everything works fine. So yes, I'm sure that its this patch.

> I would also make sure that your HW is doesn't identify as GEM.

Yes. macb->rx_buffer_size is set to 128 as without this patch.

I'll look a bit more deeper into this problem later today.


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