[U-Boot] [PATCH v2 4/4] spi: Convert CONFIG_DM_SPI* to CONFIG_$(SPL_TPL_)DM_SPI*

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Fri Aug 23 17:58:22 UTC 2019

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 03:47:31PM +0200, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
> This change allows more fine tuning of driver model based SPI support in
> SPL and TPL. It is now possible to explicitly enable/disable the DM_SPI
> support in SPL and TPL via Kconfig option.
> Before this change it was necessary to use:
>     /* SPI Flash Configs */
>     #if defined(CONFIG_SPL_BUILD)
>     #undef CONFIG_DM_SPI
>     #undef CONFIG_DM_SPI_FLASH
>     #endif
> in the ./include/configs/<board>.h, which is error prone and shall be
> avoided when we strive to switch to Kconfig.
> The goal of this patch:
> Provide distinction for DM_SPI support in both U-Boot proper and SPL (TPL).
> Valid use case is when U-Boot proper wants to use DM_SPI, but SPL must
> still support non DM driver.
> Another use case is the conversion of non DM/DTS SPI driver to support
> DM/DTS. When such driver needs to work in both SPL and U-Boot proper, the
> distinction is needed in Kconfig (also if SPL version of the driver
> supports OF_PLATDATA).
> In the end of the day one would have to support following use cases (in
> single driver file - e.g. mxs_spi.c):
> - U-Boot proper driver supporting DT/DTS
> - U-Boot proper driver without DT/DTS support (deprecated)
> - SPL driver without DT/DTS support
> - SPL (and TPL) driver with DT/DTS (when the SoC has enough resources to
>   run full blown DT/DTS)
> - SPL driver with DT/DTS and SPL_OF_PLATDATA (when one have constrained
>   environment with no fitImage and OF_LIBFDT support).
> Some boards do require SPI support (with DM) in SPL (TPL) and some only
> have DM_SPI{_FLASH} defined to allow compiling SPL.
> This patch converts #ifdef CONFIG_DM_SPI* to #if CONFIG_IS_ENABLED(DM_SPI)
> and provides corresponding defines in Kconfig.
> Signed-off-by: Lukasz Majewski <lukma at denx.de>
> Tested-by: Adam Ford <aford173 at gmail.com> #da850-evm

Sorry I didn't bisect down to which part of the series is doing this,
but I see problems with:
ls1046ardb_sdcard ls1046ardb_qspi_spl ls1043ardb_nand ls1046aqds_tfa
ls1046aq ds_nand ls1046ardb_qspi ls1046aqds_sdcard_ifc
ls1046aqds_SECURE_BOOT ls1046aqds_sdcard_qspi ls1 046aqds_qspi
ls1043ardb_sdcard ls1043aqds_sdcard_ifc ls1046ardb_tfa
ls1046ardb_tfa_SECURE_BOOT ls1043aqds_nand ls1046aqds_lpuart
ls1046ardb_emmc ls1046aqds_tfa_SECURE_BOOT ls1046afrwy_tfa ls 1046aqds
ls1043ardb_nand_SECURE_BOOT ls1046ardb_qspi_SECURE_BOOT

Some of which are dependency problems about SPL/SPL_DM.  I also see:
   aarch64: (for 225/225 boards) all -294.2 bss -0.0 data -11.7 rodata -72.5 spl/u-boot-spl:all -0.3 spl/u-boot-spl:text -0.3 text -210.0
            ls1043ardb_nand: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043ardb_sdcard: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043aqds_sdcard_ifc: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043aqds_nand: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043ardb_nand_SECURE_BOOT: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043ardb_sdcard_SECURE_BOOT: all -9435 data -376 rodata -2331 text -6728
            ls1043aqds_sdcard_qspi: all -9436 bss -8 data -376 rodata -2324 text -6728

which I think means a few conversions weren't right.

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