[U-Boot] [PATCH v4 2/4] USB: host: Add the USB3 host driver

Sherry Sun sherry.sun at nxp.com
Wed Aug 28 06:37:20 UTC 2019

Hi Jean,

> Hi Marek, Sherry,
> >>>> we keep the cdns3 node for usb gadget driver, then add a usb host
> >>>> node for
> >>>> xhci-imx8 driver in *-uboot.dtsi. so here is no need to change the
> >>>> host driver
> >>> compatible.
> >>>> But the compatible in gadget driver should be changed later.
> >>> We should try avoiding ABI breaks in DT.
> >> But the cdns3 usb gaget driver and host driver in different uclass need two
> dt nodes to bind with.
> >> And the compatible of the two node cannot be same.
> >> So for gadget driver, the compatible may use "cdns,usb3-1.0.0", for host
> driver, the compatible will use "cdns,usb3-1.0.0-host".
> >> What do you think about it?
> > CCing Jean, since I think he did solve similar topic for his platform.
> I've been OOO for a few weeks and didn't look at the whole series.
> For this particular issue, the solution I used is to let the wrapper do the
> binding job. The name of the driver to use is hard-coded in the wrapper diver.
> This is done in dwc3_glue_bind().

Thanks for your suggestions.

So if I want to use the cdns3 usb node as both usb gadget device and usb host device,
do you mean that I should make the cdns3 usb node as a usb wrapper device, and create two subnodes in it.
Then when binding the wrapper node, it will hard-coded the two subnodes to different driver(gadge/host driver) 
according to the dr_mode property in nodes.

Best regards 
Sherry sun

> JJ
> >
> >>>>>> +	{ }
> >>>>>> +};
> >

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