[U-Boot] [PATCH 1/3] arm: socfpga: Convert reset manager from struct to defines

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Wed Aug 28 13:39:30 UTC 2019

On 8/28/19 3:28 PM, Ley Foon Tan wrote:


>>>    Tested this on Agilex, look okay. But, pending test on other device
>>> families, like Gen5 or A10. Not sure any side effect with this change.
>>> 2. Secure (for PSCI) and non-secure functions share same functions,
>>> these functions can't use global data (for base address). Secure
>>> functions have its own secure data region.
>> There was a discussion about this before, instead of hacking up this
>> part constantly, maybe we should create a separate build of U-Boot (like
>> SPL/TPL) and use that for the "secure" mode. But that's for another
>> patchset and another discussion.
> Yes, we have discussion here internally regarding this secure firmware.
> We plan change the boot flow to include ATF. But, our downstream git
> still need to maintain this "secure" region for some period (so
> customer can migrate to new boot flow).
> If change to DT address, we need patch our downstream git for these
> secure functions. :)
> Anyway, I will try change for upstream. I'm trying to find where is
> the proper place to get DT address in Uboot. SPL is more straight
> forward, get the DT address in board_init_f.

I have to admit, I have many things to say about ATF and none of them
are positive. So it's real sad this is starting to move onto S10 too.

Anyway, one of the fdt_ functions should allow you to fish out the
address from DT.

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