[U-Boot] [PATCH v2 00/12] System Firmware Loader for TI K3 family SoCs

Andreas Dannenberg dannenberg at ti.com
Wed Jun 5 15:15:49 UTC 2019

On Wed, Jun 05, 2019 at 11:52:52AM +0530, Lokesh Vutla wrote:
> On 05/06/19 4:25 AM, Andreas Dannenberg wrote:
> > Updated version of the SYSFW loader series for K3 family AM654x devices.
> > The fundamantal approach of tapping into the SPL loader framework has
> > been kept for reasons discussed already. The series also still uses
> > "early BSS" in SPL's board_init_f(). I'm well aware of the concerns
> > previously brought up regarding this mainly by Simon Glass but I have
> > not been able to find a better / more universal solution for this yet
> > (one proposal was to move SYSFW loading into board_init_r() which is not
> > easily solvable as SYSFW is needed to bring up DDR on K3 SoCs). Long
> > story short I propose to consider the current proposed approach
> > nevertheless (as it is also used by other platforms) at least as an
> > initial step, and then migrate once a better solution is available.
> tested this series on AM654 evm using SD boot. FWIW:
> Tested-by: Lokesh Vutla <lokeshvutla at ti.com>

Thanks Lokesh.

> > I have not yet included support for TI's newest K3 family J721E SoC
> > which Lokesh posted an initial patch series [5] for due to the
> > complex dependencies of all the different series we have currently
> > posted/pending (if I were to add support for J721E which eventually will
> > be required then the SYSFW loader series would have Lokesh's series as a
> > pre-requisite as well).
> > 
> > This being said I would like to propose the following staging sequence
> > for the different TI K3 SoCs patches currently under review:
> > 
> > Step 1) Faiz' "Add Support for eMMC in Am65x-evm" series [1]. It needs
> >         a small update to actuall allow for eMMC boot I posted earlier.
> > Step 2) The SYSFW loader series proposed here
> > Step 3) An updated version (v3) of the AM654x EEPROM support [3].
> >         Will post this today. 
> I would like to see the above 3 series be merged first. Will take care of the
> rest of the J721e support and other.

Yes that's what I'm proposing.

> > Step 4) An updated version of Lokesh's "arm: k3: Allow for exclusive
> >         and shared device requests" series. In addition to a rebase
> >         such an updated series should include updating power domain
> >         properties for devices that were added during the previous
> >         steps.
> > Step 5) An updated version of Lokesh's "arm: k3: arm64: Initial support
> >         Texas Instrument's J721E Platform" series [5] also adding
> >         in the few lines of codes to leverage SYSFW.
> > Step 6 & beyond) Various rproc patches, etc.
> I have a slightly different order that you mentioned. Will repost everything
> once the first 3 steps are sorted out.

I don't have an issue with changing the order of what happens past step
3. But without the first three things (or first two, really) in place, we
are kind of stuck turning in circles... :)

Andreas Dannenberg
Texas Instruments Inc

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