[U-Boot] Using fw_setenv to set negative numbers

Ken Sloat KSloat at aampglobal.com
Wed Jun 5 15:57:55 UTC 2019


I had a question regarding the use of fw_setenv. I am currently running U-Boot 2018.07

How can I set a negative number using the standard command call to fw_setenv?
For example, if want to set bootdelay to a value of -2 (boot without delay), I currently
cannot just say:
fw_setenv bootdelay -2

fw_setenv thinks 2 is an option I am trying to pass. What is the correct way to do this
(if any)? One work around is to place the name value pair in a script file and call it
With the --script option but was just wondering if there was direct way to accomplish
this. Otherwise, this might be a needed change in the future. 

Ken Sloat

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