[U-Boot] ARMv8 switching CPUs into EL1

Mels van Broekhoven mels.van.broekhoven at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 13:15:50 UTC 2019


On a Xilinx ZynqMP-based platform with u-boot running in Aarch64 mode in
EL2, after booting a Linux kernel  in EL1 using CONFIG_ARMV8_SWITCH_TO_EL1,
Linux throws a warning that the CPUs have started in inconsistent modes
("CPU: CPUs started in inconsistent modes").
Indeed, only the first core on which U-boot was running is switched to EL1
at this point.

Is this a bug or a not completely supported feature in U-boot or can this
warning actually be safely ignored under certain circumstances?

Kind regards,


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